• Lawrence Trousdale-Smith

Turning on the mental switch: How to stay consistent when getting in great shape

Ever have the motivation to get in the best shape of your life, but fall off the wagon after a couple of weeks?

I was in a cycle of start, stall and try again for four years. I would gain and lose the same 5-10kgs every year, and never seemed to reach the results I wanted.

You step on the scale after a week of hard effort, and it’s barely moved. It sapps your motivation, and you think to yourself, what’s the point in keeping on trying?

Heres the thing...that cycle can be easily broken with a few tweaks that take ten mins a day...and can lead you on the path to losing 12-20lbs, and even uncovering a 6 pack, in 12 weeks...

Heres the 3 things I’ve found that are crucial to staying consistent...

1. Set a goal, break it down, and track it

How much weight/bodyfat would you like to lose? Set a 12 week goal, from there, break it down into weekly goals. Here’s the kicker...track you’re progress towards that goal DAILY. What gets measured gets managed. Seperate the data from the drama, and it becomes much more motivating.

2. Plan your perfect week

When are you going to the gym this week? “I’m gona try and make 3 sessions if I’m not too busy“ isn’t a commitment. “I’m going Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30am for 45 minutes” is a commitment.

Put this stuff in your diary. Try writing it down right now and see how good and clear it feels.

3. Copy what you’re good at

“What do you mean by this?“ I hear you ask

Write down the 3 areas in life that you are most disciplined. It may be work, it may be making time for your hobby, it may be being a role model for your family.

Borrow certainty from the version of you that is most disciplined, and act how the year would act when facing new challenge.

I‘ll give you my own example...

I’m most disciplined in going to the gym as I love training..but one of my goals outside of the gym is to play the Sweet Child O’ Mine solo flawlessly. I’ve never had great consistency with practising guitar, but I’m going to treat it like a workout.

Im going to plan what exercises to do, for how many reps, and track my daily and weekly progress.

Just borrowing that certainty is a huge confidence booster.

So there you have it. Three simple steps to turning on that mental switch, and staying consistent to achieve your fitness goals.

What action steps are you going to take to stay consistent?

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