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One of the most iconic physiques in movie history

Few physiques are as iconic as the chiseled frame depicted by Brad Pit when portraying the central character of Fight Club, Tyler Durden. The very purpose of Durden is to showcase the ultimate image that the narrator aspires to, and looking at the carved abs, hulking shoulders and muscular arms, it's fair to say its a physique that we can all aspire to achieve.

Lets remember that while Durden was a projection of the narrators fantasy, Brad Pitts figure was very real, and is something that you can own with the right mindset. Lets take a look at the steps to owning the body of one of the most iconic characters in film history.

  1. Make an alternative food choice

What could you today to start making better food choices? If you want to see your abs, getting your body fat lower is going to be a priority for you. If you're on a lunch break from work, instead of a sausage roll or bacon sandwhich, could you make an alternative choice that you feel will help you reach your goal? Try it, and see how you feel.

2. Get moving

Starting to make good food choices is key to fat loss, and exercise is going to turn your body into a turbo charger. You could find a local basement, bring some mates in, start punching and maybe in a couple of weeks you'll be carved out if wood as the movies narrator commented. Alternatively, do something that makes you get out of breath. If you enjoy cycling, jump on the bike and give yourself abit of a challenge on a local route. Like running? See how far you can get in ten minutes. Air conditioned gym more your style? Pick your favorite machine, set the time to ten minutes and see what you can do.

Pitt had the strength and muscle to showcase a hard and determined fighter

3. Get Stronger

Durdens physique is designed to be strong enough to overpower opponents, and throwing some press ups into the mix will help you achieve the strong and athletic look of a person that is full control of their body. If you're not yet ready for press ups on the floor, try them with your hands on the arm of a sofa or kitchen counter, you'll build up the chest strength and muscle to eventually be doing multiple reps on the floor.

Try hanging from a bar or branch, you'll build up your grip strength which will have you smashing multiple reps of pullups. These will carve out your back and arms, which gave Durden the strength to pull opponents of balance.

4. Core Command

As you get leaner, core exercises will help create definition in your abs and showcase the full extent of your physique. Start with crunches, focusing on contracting the abs hard on each rep as if you were defending a punch.

5. Repeat

The key to the results you want is repetition. If you can make alternative food choices, get moving, get stronger and keep on your core, you'll enjoy the pride of ownership of this iconic physique.

Example Workout

A.10 pushups

B. 5 pullups (or 20 second hang)

C. 20 squats

X 5 Rounds


10 mins running/cycling/rowing

Get some help with this

If you're looking to change your body into the leaner, stronger more athletic version of you that you want to be, then get in touch and we can have a chat about where you're currently at, what the next steps are, and how we can work together to help you gain ownership the body that you want.

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