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Unlocking the flag and muscle up whilst injured-Leigh's Story

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Leigh and I started working together to build upper body strength and muscle whilst he was recovering from a knee injury that put him out of all lower body exercise. After unlocking the muscle up and human flag, he's addicted. Take a look below to find out more about Lee's journey with calisthenics and how its helped him overcome his injury.

Unlocked: The straight edge flag

What made you want to start calisthenics?

My friend mentioned it to me a long time ago but I never really considered it till I saw your advert on Facebook - it triggered a memory and I thought Id give it a go, especially as I was looking for something that was low or no impact on my injured knee

How quickly did you start seeing changes in your strength & physique?

I noticed changes very soon after starting / even only going once a week; however, the biggest changes I noticed were after I combined it with nutritional changes - mainly cutting out bread

How did you find the adjustment to this style of training whilst working on your injured knee?

It was perfect for my injured knee as I could isolate it and just focus on my upper body / core

You recently had an operation that made it difficult to get out of the house and train. Have bodyweight only workout enabled you to maintain and build strength during this time?

Yes calisthenics is something you can do anywhere / all you need is yourself and a bit of space!

What's the most significant thing you've learned since starting your training?

To make sure you eat the right foods in combination with your training - for the goals you are trying to achieve whether that's weight loss / increased mass or both

What are you most proud of since starting calisthenics?

Able to do things I never thought possible ie, ring muscle up, pull over. What can you tell others about working with Nightbringer Fitness?

I'd highly recommend Nightbringer Fitness - Lawrence is a genuine regular guy - having seen his before and after shots - there is no better inspiration to achieve whatever you want.

Huge respect to Leigh for putting in the work to see these results. If you want to get started on your own journey to achieve the body you want, take action now and apply to work with Nightbringer Fitness by clicking the link below.


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