• Lawrence Trousdale-Smith

Achieving a body transformation: The only 3 things you need

Spent hours pouring over men’s health articles, youtube vids, and through instagram gurus trying to find the right program? Then you‘re like me.

In fact, I did this for two years before I got a head turning result.

I tried every workout known to man, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, when I got the help of some of the best in the industry, it was a breath of fresh air, and I got the body I always wanted, but never quite thought it wasn’t possible for me to achieve.

From my own experience of changing my body, and helping other men create head turning result, here’s the only 3 things you need to achieve a body transformation.

1. A workout you can do consistently

Of course, there is structure that goes here, but the best workout is the one that you can complete 3 times per week with consistency, for 12 weeks. Pick one, get it in the diary, and commit do doing it.

2. Track your food

What gets measured gets managed. How much did you eat yesterday? “A lot ” or “Abit” isnt an answer that will get you closer to where you want to be.

Track you’re food with photos, or MyFitnessPal. Its free, it’s motivating, it’s data without the drama.

3. Consistency, no really...

The quickest way to not see progress is to not do the work. Commit to a start and finish date. Set an end goal, what would be a great result for you? Now divide that into weekly goals.

On week one, I’m not going to be worrying about what I’m eating on the Tuesday of week 8. Keep it manageable to keep it consistent.

There you have it. Define your goal, make a plan, then commit to following that plan.

If you can nail these 3, you’ve got the basics down of a head turning result.

What’s the number one outcome you’d love from acheiving your own body transformation?


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