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15 weeks of Online Training-Matt's Story

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Matts 15 week physique development

Matt and I have known each other coming up to ten years, we recently re-connected through climbing and he was kind enough to get me bouldering for the first time (a background in calisthenics does not grant you invincibility on the climbing wall!). In January 2018 Matt became one of my first online clients, with the goal of both changing his physique and improving his strength. We aren't finished yet, but i'm so happy with these results that I asked to get a few words from him about his adaption the the nutrition and training.

What made you want to make a change and start training?

"I have always been interested in training and especially as a keen climber, I wanted to train to help develop my ability at this sport. I also wanted to get into a healthy shape and develop good practises before I hit my thirties!"

How long did it take you to start noticing changes in your strength/physique?

"It only took a week before I started to feel a lot less bloated. After a month I could see a considerable difference in my stomach and after two months I could see Abs as well as good muscle development on my back and arms especially."

How did you find the adjustment to a new style of nutrition and has it been sustainable?

"The adjustment was tough, especially as it was just after Christmas so my sugar cravings were through the roof. However, I just replaced sugary snacks with sweet tasting veg or fruit and after a couple of weeks the cravings died down. I never felt hungry despite the carbs. After a few weeks, sticking to the diet wasn't a problem at all. Now I'm at the stage where I'm sticking about 80% of the time and still losing bodyfat so it's a good balance of good nutrition and the odd treat a couple of times a month."

You've been training whilst travelling and managing a busy work schedule, have bodyweight only workout options helped in maintaining your progress during this time?

"I do have a crazy schedule sometimes and very rarely get time in a gym. Being able to work out at home and having the bodyweight only options means I can always squeeze in at least 3-4 workouts a week. Even if I only a 20 minute workout, it keeps the momentum going and I still see progress."

Winter reps in Brighton

Whats the most significant thing you've learned since starting your training?

"The biggest thing I've learnt is Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition! You need to activate your muscles and do the workouts of course, but you won't see a difference without taking care of what goes in your stomach!"

What can you tell others about working with Nightbringer Fitness?

"Nightbringer Fitness is great. Lawrence really cares about your individual goals and doesn't do cookie cutter workout plans or nutritional advice. He has a good balance of keeping you motivated whilst not making you feel bad if have had to skip workouts or eaten a bit too much cake. I'm seeing the progress I've always wanted from a PT and doing it in a way that can become a healthy and maintainable lifestyle rather than a 6 month quick fix or two year long bulking session."

A huge thanks to Matt for staying consistent to achieve this results, and I cant wait to see what he accomplishes with his training over the coming months.

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