The Slimfit System: Pursuing total control of the body with calisthenics 

Wake up, be able to do at least 10 chinups on demand, look in the mirror and see a body ready to demonstrate that strength in 12 weeks

I'm in a love affair with pursuing total control of the body. If the thought of having total control yourself and pursuing it together excites you, read on

I'm very much about separating the drama from the data. Ever have that feeling like you're doing a workout that's just thrown together from random exercises? You might feel tired after, but have no idea if its actually taken you towards your goals?

I've certainly been there. Something i wish i'd realised sooner, is that the body loves clear instructions

Imagine you're the foreman of your body, and inside your muscles are thousands of tiny workmen

They need two things to build muscle and get stronger

A blueprint of exactly what you want them to build - The workouts

Good raw materials - solid nutrition

Give these boys mixed blueprints, or expect them to build a penthouse when i only give them good raw materials 4-5 days out of seven, I have no right getting mad at them

Took me a good couple of years to start saying things consistently to my guys though. If this is exciting you so far, i'd like to help you do the same, only give them the right blueprint and materials from day one. 

Hope its cool if I just go ahead and let you know the investment before hand?

A couple of options

£2000 in one payment 


3 x £800 per month, which is obviously a bit more, totaling £2400

I've put the simple details into a short video, but before I send you the link , I'm useless to people without a goal we can both point towards. 

Shoot me a quick email via the 2 min form below, let me know what your goals are over the next 12 weeks, then we can decide together if we'd like to get those boys breaking ground on your new building.

"Cannot recommend enough. In just 3 months I feel and look the best I've ever felt. My strength has increased massively and I never go hungry yet I've lost so much body fat."

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