A bit of a backstory behind what lead to the above result and why i do what i do 

in 2014, i went on holiday to Majorca. I'd thrown my favorite Billabong swimming shorts in the suitcase, but upon arrival, found that my stomach was now several sizes too large to fit into them, when they'd been fine last year. 

Upon reflection, I'd spent far too many nights in front of the TV with a large pizza, drinking too much, knowing what I needed to do but doing nothing about it. I took a long look in the hotel room mirror and knew something had to change. Unfortunately, the lessons weren't over just yet.

On the last day of the holiday, I went snorkeling with a friend. The water started to get rough, and after 5 minutes of hard effort swimming, I really didn't feel confident in my ability to stay above the water. This whole time, my friend, who was not athletic, just not out of shape, was looking totally fine.

We came to the edge of the bay, and I grabbed a piece of rock to haul my upper body out of the water, just laying there like an exhausted walrus. My friend, again, not athletic, just no belly on him, climbed up that rock, stood on top and started laughing.

"That got a bit rough, didn't it". He chuckled.

The decision was made, I was going to do something about this. I got back to the beach, and sat watching the ocean thinking about what i was going to do when I got home. I vowed that I was never going to feel that scared again. 

The next day, I was home and jogging in the rain to my local pool, where i started swimming 1-2 hours, 6 days a week. I lost a lot of weight, but was still flabby and weak. Not being able to pull myself out of the pool without looking like i was losing a wrestling match with the water wasn't good. I decided to start weight training, but after a couple of weeks, got very bored of doing bicep curls. 

I saw a video of guys in New York doing crazy exercises with their body weight, and knew that I wanted to be that strong.

Total control of the body was the new goal

I tried a pull up on my next gym session, got about half way, and came down with stinging hands. No grip strength, and very little strength in general. That was decided, getting a pull up was my first goal.

It took me around two weeks, and i still remember the feeling of that first achievement. From there, it was a very linear process, get to 5, get to 10, get to 20. Alongside this there were months of trial and terror on muscle ups, handstands, and the age old pursuit of being lean and muscular. 

In 2016 I started coaching and haven't looked back. My first class was at Underground Gym in Portslade, and I was hooked. Not long after I moved to Greece, where I taught muscle up and handstand workshops in the CrossFit community. Since then, my focus has been on online coaching, helping like minded others in pursuing total control of the body in the beautiful discipline we call calisthenics.


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